ProductTemperature limit of application °CDensity after ramming g/cm3Al2O3 + TiO2Fe2O3
TERMOPAL 9418503,0094,00%0,06%
TERMOPAL 9218003,0092,00%0,06%
TERMOPAL 8515502,8085,00%0,70%
TERMOPAL Plastik 9417602,9094,00%0,10%
TERMOPAL Plastik 9217302,9092,00%0,15%
TERMOPAL Plastik 8516002,7085,00%0,70%
TERMOPAL REPAIR15502,8092,00%0,30%

Refractory ramming masses. Used for inductors and working lining of induction channel furnaces, for vibrating ladle lining, furnace walls, walls and bottoms of smaller channel furnaces.

Package: TERMOPAL is packed into 25 kg bags, laid on a pallet, wrapped with heat shrinking foil.

Storage: Up to 6 months, if originally packed and kept in a dry place. Drying and initial heating: in accordance to the diagram shown in the producers manual.