ProductTemperature limit of application °CDensity at 1000 °CAl2O3 + TiO2Fe2O3
TOGODUR SP-9617502,9595,50%0,10%
TOGODUR SP-9517302,9094,50%0,20%
TOGODUR ST-9316802,8093,00%0,40%
TOGODUR ST-C17002,6090,00%1,00%
TOGODUR ST16302,8089,00%1,00%
TOGODUR ST-T16302,8089,00%1,60%
TOGODUR AS-Ee16802,4080,50%1,00%
TOGODUR AS-E16302,4078,00%1,90%
TOGODUR AS15002,2064,00%2,00%
TOGODUR AS-T15002,2065,00%1,00%
TOGODUR S-E14802,0056,00%2,00%
TOGODUR S-Te15001,7550,00%3,00%
TOGODUR S14801,6542,00%3,00%
TOGODUR S-T14801,742,00%3,00%
TOGODUR S-F12801,6538,00%3,00%

Package: TOGODUR refractories are packed into 25 kg bags, laid on a pallet, wrapped with heat shrinking foil.

Storage: Up to 6 months, if originally packed and kept in a dry place.